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Go Through Our Terms and Conditions Before You Hire Us

A customer has to accept full responsibility for the contents of a box and has to agree to additional charges, including taxes, if the box contains unacceptable waste. A-Tex Dumpsters will not be liable for the contents of a box. Additional charges for unacceptable waste will be applied to your credit card or billed to you if prepaid by cash or check.

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Things That You Should Know

Do not overload the top of the box - an extra charge may be applied and (or) the box may not be hauled for safety reasons.

Customer accepts full responsibility for any damage to their driveway, lawn, and more, which results from delivery and (or) pick up of a box from an agreed-upon area by A-Tex Dumpsters, regardless of weather conditions.

Customer is responsible for any damage done to our container while in their possession.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Customer understands that the following are regarded as acceptable materials for disposal:

a. Construction and demo debris. Note: Disposal of concrete and rocks is not allowed unless
discussed and approved in advance
b. General household trash
c. Wood (doors, windows, and more)
d. Sheet rocks
e. Insulation / styrofoam
f. Furniture
g. Mattresses / box springs
h. Ceramic goods (sinks, toilets, tubs)
i. Carpets and tiles

Customer understands and agrees that the following are regarded as unacceptable materials for disposal and are not allowed or accepted and could incur additional charges:

a. Tires
b. Appliances (microwaves, A/C, refrigerators)
c. Paint and batteries
d. 55-gallon drums
e. Hazardous materials (oil, gas, antifreeze)
f. Fluorescent lights and ballasts
g. Fuel tanks
h. TVs and monitors

Unacceptable items, if any, must be removed from the container by you.

Your credit or debit card will be billed for the initial amount upon ordering. Any overweight charges are billed to your card once we receive the weight ticket from the transfer station.

We're fully insured and offer recycling services as well.
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